• Mrs. Carmen Westbrook

Meals for Lisa Thompson

Hey Gals, we announced on Sunday Lisa's need for meals to be provided for her after surgery on January 8. She will be staying in one of the apartments beside the church building for a little over a week. If you would like to prep something for her, it can be brought to church on Sunday and we will stock the fridge/freezer for her. Some things to note:

1. Lisa is to be in basic isolation after the surgery because she'll have had a radiation treatment so she can't have visitors.

2. She requested one meal per day and doesn't have any diet restrictions. We should probably provide more than that because she is going to be alone and won't be able to go out to get extra things.

3. She has not been given diet restrictions and has very simple requests. The food she specifically mentioned liking are simple salads (she said salad kits), soups, simple sandwiches (she said grilled cheese) and grapefruit is the one produce she said she particularly likes. She didn't mention anything she doesn't like but her tastes might be pretty simple due to the recovery and treatments.

4. The apartment does have a kitchen so she'd be able to heat food, store in freezer or fridge and such. Anything you'd like to provide would be graciously appreciated. If you have questions or ideas, add a comment. I'll post any new info. that I receive. Thanks!

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