• Mrs. Carmen Westbrook

Prayers Needed For Moriah C.

New Hope Family: please be in prayer for little Moriah. She fell at home from the loft landing on concrete from about 8 feet. Ben and Candace are taking her to the ER. Prayers are most appreciated. When we hear a report of her condition we will send that out. Grace!!


Moriah was sent to UK last night when the Rockcastle hospital was not able to get a clear CT scan. The UK scan revealed some swelling on her brain but it was consistent so their prognosis was good. After hours of observation and her being able to eat and drink without vomiting, Moriah was discharged with the diagnosis of only a minor concussion.  Ben and Candace are thankful for the prayers and Moriah is relaxing with a popsicle. 

Update 2:

Evening all. 

Moriah is doing okay currently but her doctor was concerned that UK didn't complete another CT scan before releasing her. He wrote a referral so Ben and Candace are taking her tonight to Cincinnati for further tests. Pray please for thorough tests, good results and peace and rest for all.