• Mrs. Carmen Westbrook

Psalm 147-Pleasant and Beautiful Praise

This morning we lifted Psalm 147 in worship (it was also the sermon text). You can use this tune to lift this wonderful song of praise to the God who faithfully keeps His covenant. http://www.hymntime.com/tch/mid/l/a/n/c/lancashire.mid

Praise God! ‘Tis good and pleasant,

And comely to adore;

Jehovah builds up Salem,

Her outcasts doth restore.

He heals the broken-hearted,

And makes the wounded live;

The starry hosts He numbers,

And names to all doth give.

Our Lord is great and mighty;

His wisdom none can know;

The Lord doth raise the lowly

And sinners overthrow.

O praise and thank Jehovah!

Praise Him on harp with mirth,

The heav’n with clouds who covers,

And sends His rain on earth.

He clothes with grass the mountains,

And gives the beasts their food;

He hears the crying ravens,

And feeds their tender brood,

In horse’s strength delights not,

Nor speed of man loves He;

The Lord loves all who fear Him,

And to His mercy flee.

O Salem, praise Jehovah,

Thy God, O Zion, praise;

For He thy gates has strengthened,

And blessed thy sons with grace.

With peace He’ll bless thy borders

The finest wheat afford;

He sends forth His commandment,

And swiftly speeds His word.

Like wool the snow He giveth,

Spreads hail o’er all the land,

Hoarfrost like ashes scatters;

Who can His cold withstand?

Then forth His word He sendeth,

He makes His wind to blow;

The snow and ice are melted,

Again the waters flow.

The words that He has spoken

To Jacob He makes known;

His judgments and His statutes

To Is-ra-el has shown.

Not so to any nation

Did He His grace accord

For they’ve not known His judgments.

O do ye praise the Lord.

2021 new hope reformed church