• Mrs. Carmen Westbrook

Psalm 53

Yesterday we sang Psalm 53 in worship. Here are the words and tune that you can use at home to continue to lift God's Word in musical prayer.

The fool speaks in his heart; "There is no God," he says. They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; None walk in godly ways.

The Lord looks down from heaven Upon the human race. To see if any understand, If any seek God's face.

They all have turned aside; Corrupt they have become. Not one of them does any good- No, not a single one.

Will sinners never learn? My people they've devoured As if they were consuming bread; They never seek the Lord.

But see that evil crowd! They are struck down with dread, Although they thought within their hearts They would have ease instead.

The bones of all Your foes Were scattered far abroad; And You have put them all to shame- They were despised by God.

May help from Zion come! The Lord His captives bring! And then let Jacob's tribes be glad; For joy let Israel sing.

2021 new hope reformed church